Imperial Assault: The Emperor reveals the power of the pesky white defense die

Imperial Transmission Intercept: Fett! Where’s Fett?  Ah, there you are. Stop skulking!  Boba, listen: Hunt down that infernal “X” and destroy it. What’s that? Yes, yes, go ahead, in fact I now encourage disintegrations. It’s my new bidding.

Did you hear that Vader? No? Breath quieter. Next time I let off a burst of force lightning I expect results! I’ve fizzled for the very last time.

It's all about Foresight!

It’s all about the Foresight reroll!

The Rebels have managed to infiltrate the Imperial base but the strike team’s taken a beating.  Diala remains the last unwounded Rebel able to reach the terminal and trigger the chain reaction. But first there’s the small matter of surviving blaster fire from that trio of Stormtroopers.

One shot connects and our hero is on the brink of collapse as the others pull the trigger. Then The Force favors the bold. The last thing the Stormtroopers feel before being struck down by Diala’s lightsaber is complete disbelief at how they missed the Rebel, twice, at point-blank range. The installation is toast and The Emperor is going to pitch another fit. Better stand clear.

Double cancel!

Double block!

While the black and white defense die might be pretty equal in blocking damage over the length of a campaign, in terms of excitement the “total block” face on the white die wins hands down. In the Hoth campaign I’m pretty sure there were at least three back-to-back “X”s rolled at key times.  Not to mention many, many single appearances of the “X” which brought cheers from the Rebel players. It might be random but it sure is fun when it happens at the right time! It’s one of the ways Imperial Assault ensures there are memorable moments.

Tired of seeing his lightning fizzle, The Emperor has put Vader to work training fresh recruits to poke back against the fickle finger of fate. Rebels beware!  Deadly on the Elite ISB Infiltrator will cancel an “X” completely while the HK Assassin Droids can push Rebel luck to the limit.  Wow, you rolled another block.  Better roll that die again, let’s see you do that twice in a row.  Cue the Emperor’s evil laugh…


Trained for a purpose

Feel free to share any moments of dice rolling glory.  Every gamer’s thrown a 20, boxcars, or two 6s in a row to pull victory from the jaws of defeat, or jaws of a dragon, or bantha as the case may be.  What’s your story?

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