MosaiCanada Canada 150 Birthday Topiary

Tangent: MosaiCanada 150 Topiary Gardens

Things you encounter don’t always fit a category yet demand a post of their own because they’re so damn cool! Bring on Tangents, a new place on this blog for the non-gaming eclectic to get some very occasional airtime. Today, we’re looking at imagination in action. I’m sure the same creative instinct that drives people to re-create history with miniatures on a tabletop also spurred the MosaiCanada Topiary Garden, an art installation that’s part of Canada’s 150 birthday celebration. It literally brings Canada’s history to life through flights of fancy.

MosaiCanada is open from June 30 to October 15, 2017 and then it’s gone for good. The admission is free while MosaiCanada is running. I’ve biked there a couple of times now and went with my sweetie. If you’re lucky enough to get to go I advise a weekday as it’s awash with tourists and locals alike on weekends. In celebration of Canada’s 150th, the garden weaves floral vignettes into the story of Canada’s history. Here’s the layout and details. The pictures do the rest of the talking.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 2.35.05 PM



There’s a lot more to the installation than I captured here. Thanks for going off on a tangent with me. Next week we’ll return to regular scheduled programming.



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