Why Visit The Hairy Tarantula North?

Hairy Tarantula Featured Image

The Hairy Tarantula North in Toronto is the kind of store only a diehard gamer or comic fan could love. Here’s why I still visit The Hairy Tarantula North despite its flaws.

Vallejo DAK Airbrush Paint Set

Vallejo DAK Airbrush Paint Set Featured Image

Let’s have a look at Vallejo’s DAK Airbrush Paint Set to see if it’s worth the purchase. 

I Remember Wilfred Patrick Souter

Remembrance Featured Image

On Remembrance Day I will remember my father Wilfred Patrick Souter who survived WWII, and parenthood, to become someone I continue to look up to and admire.

Push Your Luck Dice Games

Push Your Luck Dice Games Featured Image

The humble six-sided die has kept intellectuals, gamblers, families, and sailors entertained since we figured out how to push our luck and roll the bones. Let’s have a look at push-your-luck dice games.