Publication in Wargames, Soldiers, & Strategy Magazine, #94

WSS Landing ImageWelcome WSS readers! I’m thrilled to have an article published in Wargames, Soldiers, and Strategy Magazine #94. This edition’s theme is Tank Combat During WWII. My ‘how-to’ article is about building Renedra’s Mud Brick House terrain piece for use in a Western Desert setting. Articles of interest for wargamers are noted in this post. You can order a copy of the magazine from the publisher.  Thanks for visiting!

Articles on this blog that will be of particular interest to WSS readers and wargame fans are found under the “Miniature Games” tab and are also shown below. Please also feel free to browse the other tabs for board games, reviews, tutorials, and gaming reports.

Resin Runs Through It: Building a Wargames River

Blitzkrieg Miniatures DAK Vehicle Review

Vallejo DAK Airbrush Paint Set

The Light at the End of the Terrain Tunnel

Terrain: Build & Paint Wargame Walls

How to Store and Use Decals to Create Models Above Your Skill Level

DAK Profile Guide by AK Interactive: Would we buy it again?

Game On a New Continent!

WWII Africa Campaign Map: Base Layer and 3D Printing

WWII Africa Campaign Map: Resin Casting and Prep for Envirotex Light

WWII Africa Campaign Map Part 3: Envirotex Water, Airbrush, Graphics

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