Henry Hyde Battlegames Palm Tree Tutorial

Desert Terrain: Palm Trees Tutorial

Palm Tree Tutorial Finished ProductI’m very pleased to create a guest post or two for Henry Hyde’s Battlegames website.  Henry, the “Dean of Wargaming”, has run a successful Patreon campaign to give him the resources to continue to create great content, as well as allow people like myself to contribute as well. For the uninitiated, Henry Hyde is a prolific writer, editor, and publisher for all things wargaming, history, and self-publishing related.

For visitors from Henry’s Battlegames website: Welcome! Below, you’ll find a few posts that will be of interest to wargamers.

Existing readers may have noticed I haven’t been doing the usual Friday morning post. I’m transitioning to a twice-a-month format so I can take advantage of opportunities to publish in print and web hobby magazines like Battlegames and the January edition of Wargames, Soldiers, and Strategy Magazine. I’ll link to all articles from this site so you can find my content easily. The Palm Tree Tutorial is available here.

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