2018 Hall of Game

2018 Hall of Game. Kids and adult’s gaming groups get the year in review treatment.

Space Hulk by Games Workshop: Buy It Again?

Space Hulk Featured Image

A good look at Space Hulk 3rd Ed. by Games Workshop on the way to answering the question: Would we buy it again?

Terrain: Build & Paint Wargame Walls

Terrain: Building and painting wargame walls for the WWII Africa campaign, and the why and how of keeping a painting notebook.

Retro-Game Night: Loving What You Have

Retro Game Night Feature Image

Once a month we’ve made a conscious decision to do a “Retro-Game Night” where an older game hits the table. Here’s how and why it works.

How to Build Your Own Gaming Table

Build Your Own Gaming Table

This blog takes its name from a project I completed a couple of years ago and a suggestion by Duff Wallis. If, like me, you’ve always wanted a good-looking, functional gaming table that takes care of most of your gaming needs, read on. This post is about how to build your own multi-purpose table without paying a king’s ransom or needing more than three power tools.

Ottawa ComicCon 2017: Worth the Price of Admission?

Ottawa Comiccon Costumes Comics Merch

Ottawa ComicCon 2017. Was it worth the price of admission? See the costumes and swag right here and decide for yourself.

The Clarion Call of Cthulhu: How I Learned to Love the Beast, Part 1

Clarion Call of Cthulhu

Why the Cthulhu mythos makes for great gaming.

Imperial Assault: How to Tweak a Campaign to Make it Better

How to tweak Imperial Assault campaigns to make sure they stay balanced and enjoyable for players and GM alike.

How to Build a Successful Games Club: High School and Youth Edition, Part 1

High School Chess and Games Club

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the “Games and Chess Club” at my school.  I started with 3 grade nine boys doing chess problems on an old board once a week and now have an average of 15 kids a session, two lunch hours a week with over 30 games: just about everything that’s appropriate for school consumption, from Avalon to Zombie Dice.  The majority remain boys but every game day we get students from grades 9 through 12 with a nice cadre of girls as well.  From the back 40 in… Read More