Dice Trays & Towers

Dice Trays Towers and Gaming Boxes

I had enough positive feedback that I’m making my latest project – jealousy level dice towers and trays – available to all. From making a gaming table to building a display cabinet for my games room, my “gaming adjacent” hobbies have always added to my game night fun. These trays and towers fit right into the category of great-to-have extras. I make them by hand with great materials, and I like to think they are both highly functional and attractive. From plush velvet and casino quality speed cloth and base-layer foam to locally sourced cherry, oak, maple, beech, and ash, these are made from fantastic stuff and are a real joy to make and play with.

You can order using the form (scroll right the bottom of this page) or contact Sean through Facebook @OnSeansTable

The base price for a complete 10½ x 8½ inch dice tray – which includes choice of inner material, type of wood and wood finish, and high density foam underlay – is $40 Canadian.

These are great! How do I order one? Seriously. I have a bag for my D&D dice, but I totally forgot how important it is to wrangle those rolls in one tidy space to keep the game and the drama focused on one spot.

– Duff W., Toronto, Ontario

Fill the form below and I’ll send you a quote and shipping cost, and when your tray will ship. Note that there is local pick up in Ottawa, Ontario (K2B 7V8 area) and Kemptville, Ontario (K0G 1J0)

Enquiry and Order Form for Dice Trays and Towers


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