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Blitzkrieg Miniatures DAK Vehicle Review

Blitzkrieg Miniatures Featured Image

I came across a range of WWII vehicles by Blitzkrieg Miniatures while perusing the Perry Miniatures website and thought I’d take three of them for a test drive. A couple of weeks later a lovely batch of Perry Desert Afrika Korps (DAK) minis showed up in the mail along with vehicles to transport them. Here’s how the resin Blitzkrieg vehicles worked out.

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Smash Up! A game done right.

Smash Up Featured Image

I clearly remember playing Smash Up! for the first time back in 2012. It was such an awesome idea! Shuffle two factions into one deck and throw down against one to three other players and their combos: Zombie-Pirates, Alien-Dinosaurs, Trickster-Wizards, or Robot-Ninjas! From the starter box alone there are 28 possible faction pairings. Fast forward to 2017 and Smash Up! remains fun, popular, and fresh with 55 factions and 1,485 possible faction combos. In this first of a series of posts we’ll explore Smash Up! and why it remains a game done right.

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Why Visit The Hairy Tarantula North?

Hairy Tarantula Featured Image

Hairy Tarantula North Entrance11The Hairy Tarantula North in Toronto is the kind of store only a diehard gamer or comic fan could love. To enjoy a visit you need to be so enamoured of the endless shelves of eclectic games, books, and collectibles that you can see past the grotty basement, uncertain pricing system, and inconsistent customer service. I enjoy a visit a couple of times a year. Here’s why I still visit The Hairy Tarantula North despite its flaws. Read More

Vallejo DAK Airbrush Paint Set

Vallejo DAK Airbrush Paint Set Featured Image

There are two types of people: Those who don’t see anything wrong with paying a premium price for a model that comes unassembled, unpainted, and requires specialized tools and a lot of patience to put together, and those who think such things are lunacy. Those of us in the first camp are always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of the models we produce. Let’s have a look at Vallejo’s DAK Airbrush Paint Set to see if it’s worth the purchase.

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I Remember Wilfred Patrick Souter

Remembrance Featured Image

In Canada, on November 11th we commemorate Remembrance Day. At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we stop to remember the cost of war and the people who paid that cost on our behalf. On Remembrance Day I will remember my father Wilfred Patrick Souter who survived WWII, and parenthood, to become someone I continue to look up to and admire. Read More

Push Your Luck Dice Games

Push Your Luck Dice Games Featured Image

The earliest physical dice on record date back to a Bronze Age dig site in Turkey. The Egyptians, Romans, and Chinese played with dice hundreds of years before we started numbering years upwards from zero. In the 17th century Galileo used dice to codify the first mathematics of probability. The humble six-sided die has kept intellectuals, gamblers, families, and sailors entertained since we figured out how to push our luck and roll the bones. 

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Space Hulk by Games Workshop: Buy It Again?

Space Hulk Featured Image

I recently blew the dust off my 2009 Space Hulk big box game. With publisher Games Workshop reaching back into the vault to redo old titles left, right, and center I figured two could play at that game! In an effort to work on “wanting what I have” through “retro game nightsI recently got in numerous games of this often redone and re-released classic.

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Eldritch Horror: Collaborators Against Cthulhu

Eldritch Horror Featured Image

Cooperative games that band players together to vanquish an emerging threat have a lot to offer. Good ‘coops’ keep players on their toes, even when it’s not your turn, and are very social, demanding players closely coordinate what they’re doing without allowing a single player to dominate and ‘quarterback’ everyone’s moves. Eldritch Horror remains my favourite game in the coop genre because it allows a very complicated set of mechanical checks, balances, and challenges to disappear into the background so teamwork and a compelling story can remain the central focus.

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The Light at the End of the Terrain Tunnel

My grandpa told me, “If you want to learn how to cook make yourself a nuisance in the kitchen.” I never did figure out the ingredients for nuisance but that message has led me to model railway stores as a source for wargames terrain and advice on how to make it. When it comes to realistic miniature scenery model railway enthusiasts have all the best toys and ideas for what to do with them. All aboard for a tour of the Credit Valley Railway Company and you’ll see what I mean. 

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Kick the Kickstarter Habit

Kicking Kickstarter Featured Image

Nowhere is the cult of the new and shiny more evangelical than on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding website has become the release venue of choice for most startup and many established gaming companies. Almost daily, a new project goes up in front of the court of public opinion with more and more projects getting the funding needed to launch. But do these Kickstarter projects deserve our money or are we allowing products to bypass proper development and testing before being brought to market?

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