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Top 5 High School Club Games for 2016/17

Top 5 High School Games Featured

With the full school year of 2016/2017 just over we’ll look at the five most popular games at the high school lunchtime Games and Chess Club for the school year. There’s something to be learned about running a games club from each of the top five games.

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Roll Call: Niagara – Over a Barrel; Elder Sign: Unseen Forces

Niagara Roll Call Featured Image

Roll Call summarizes the past week’s gaming exploits, and who was doing the exploiting. With the busy end of the school year rush, games have been fewer and farther between. Here’s what did hit the table.

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Hornet Hobbies: Should you shop here?

Hornet Hobbies Featured Image

You know you’re onto something when you find yourself dropping by a scale modelling hobby store just because it feels welcoming to walk in the door. If you’re made to feel like a regular by both staff and customers alike you feel like staying a while. Once inside, you know you’re still in the right place if they carry a variety of plastic scale modelling staples as well as new shiny things. It’s also a giveaway if the quality of the customer’s work on display is top notch.  Hornet Hobbies in Toronto, Ontario checks all these boxes.

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Imperial Assault: Jabba’s Realm Class Decks, Fun for Everyone?

Imperial Assault Jabba's Realm Featured Image

Previously, we had a look at Imperial Class Decks that keep the fun in campaigns for the duration of an Imperial Assault campaign. In short: Choose decks that allow the GM to do more without squashing or limiting the cool abilities of the heroes. Here’s a post to see what the Jabba’s Realm expansion has to offer and evaluate the two new Imperial class decks on the same criteria.

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WWII Africa Campaign Map Part 3: Envirotex Water, Airbrush, Graphics

WWII Africa Wargame Campaign Map

Previously we laid down the foundation of our WWII Africa Campaign Map with 3D printing, resin casting of land and ocean hexes, and assembled the map and primed it. This time we’re pouring the same realistic water – Envirotex Lite – that we used to make a wargames riverAfter airbrushing we’ll prepare an African campaign timeline and some other graphics to make things look good.

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How to Build Your Own Gaming Table

Build Your Own Gaming Table

This blog takes its name from a project I completed a couple of years ago and a suggestion by Duff Wallis. If, like me, you’ve always wanted a good-looking, functional gaming table that takes care of most of your gaming needs, read on. This post is about how to build your own multi-purpose table without paying a king’s ransom or needing more than three power tools.

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Resin Runs Through It: Building a Wargames River

Envirotex Lite Build Terrain Wargame River

Terrain plays a dual role in wargaming. It creates a battlefield with realistic obstacles and tactical challenges while also making the playing surface look good. Terrain is what distinguishes a 3D historical battlefield from a board game played on a uniform flat surface. Buildings, trees, and fences are easy to create in 3D because they stick up above the board surface. This tutorial will focus on making a wargames river that looks 3D without having to dig a river bed into your gaming table.

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CanGames Ottawa Convention 2017

Every year on the Victoria Day long weekend in May gamers from Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, and beyond gather for three days of gaming at the CanGames convention. At 40 years old this ‘con’ caters primarily to RPG, miniatures, and wargamers; however, there’s plenty on offer for kids and board gamers as well. Come take a look for yourself.

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Ottawa ComicCon 2017: Worth the Price of Admission?

Ottawa Comiccon Costumes Comics Merch

Ottawa ComicCon was good fun. The costumes, swag, and celebration of all things geeky was a unique experience. Come and have a look for yourself and decide: Was it worth the price of admission?

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International Spy Museum: Washington, D.C.

International Spy Museum Washington DC

Blackmail, treachery, and espionage have been staples of war since combatants had secrets worth keeping.  Ephialtes of Trachis, Giacomo Casanova, Benedict Arnold, Mata Hari, The Rosenbergs, Aldrich Ames, The Cambridge Five, and the SAS are just a few of many that practiced the subversive arts. The fascination with spies, their gear, and their craft creates constant demand for figures like James Bond and Jason Bourne. Authors Ian Fleming and Robert Ludlum saw Bond and Bourne serialized into major box office hits spanning decades and generations. Board and miniature gaming too is not immune to the charm of spies, both real and imagined. Let’s have a peek at what the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. has to offer fans of the spy genre.

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