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 Roll Call: Guillotine, Dead of Winter, Mansions of Madness 

Roll Call summarizes the past week’s gaming exploits, and who was doing the exploiting. This past two weeks had 6 gaming sessions. The highlights are reported here. Mansions of Madness spoilers at the very bottom of the post below the poll.  Don’t forget Seth’s suggested poll about your favourite zombie game near the bottom.

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How to Build a Successful Games Club: High School Edition, Part 3

High School Games Club

In Part 2 of this series we picked some great games for the club. In this installment we’ll talk the long game for the club and how to keep it healthy and fresh. You want to end up with a situation where the younger brothers and sisters of past graduates are as keen to come to the club in grade 9 as their older siblings were.

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Imperial Assault: The Emperor reveals the power of the pesky white defense die

Imperial Transmission Intercept: Fett! Where’s Fett?  Ah, there you are. Stop skulking!  Boba, listen: Hunt down that infernal “X” and destroy it. What’s that? Yes, yes, go ahead, in fact I now encourage disintegrations. It’s my new bidding.

Did you hear that Vader? No? Breath quieter. Next time I let off a burst of force lightning I expect results! I’ve fizzled for the very last time.

It's all about Foresight!

It’s all about the Foresight reroll!

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Roll Call: Dead of Winter, Game of Thrones, Kill Doctor Lucky, Mansions of Madness

Dead of Winter

Roll Call summarizes the past week’s gaming exploits, and who was doing the exploiting. This past week had two gaming sessions. Thursday Night games and Friday Night Mansions of Madness. The giant chess board and new chess clock at the school club continue to be big hits. Feel free to leave comments and questions at the bottom.

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WWII Africa Campaign Map: Base Layer and 3D Printing

The task is simple:  Game on a new continent by creating a WWII Africa campaign map in 3D to encompass the whole African theater. It must be worthy of wall space and provide context to any and all game systems that mine the WWII desert sands for the many opportunities it offers a gamer. Why the Africa campaign? For a scratch built campaign map the scope seems more manageable than, say, the D-Day landings and after a couple of years of driving the most powerful armour around Normandy I’m looking forward to a theatre shift and trading in my Panzer IVs for Panzer IIs.


My father’s war medals

My fascination with WWII came naturally. My father, a journeyman electrician at the outbreak of WWII, was denied entrance to the paratroop school he had hoped for and assigned instead to the Royal Artillery keeping searchlights up and running during the blitz in Southampton, and then again in Sicily. Next he joined the Allied advance toward Rome on a motorbike with sidecar, repairing electrical problems in everything from Triumphs to Shermans, from rear HQ to forward observation posts. I hung on every word on the rare occasion he talked about his service in the army. I knew, however, that those days stayed with him. Fifty years later he would still get emotional on Remembrance Day. A rare twitch from a truly stiff upper lip.

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How to Build a Successful Games Club: High School and Youth Edition, Part 2

Chess and Games Club in High School

Part 1 of this series got our Chess Club started, funded, and furnished.  Now what? You have a venue with tables and chairs and a few regular attendees through facilitating chess, or you might be going straight to a games club from scratch. Either way it’s time for the fun part: getting the games needed to put the “Games” in “Games and Chess Club” and get your numbers up so that it can become the broader reaching Games and Chess Club we’ve been aiming for.

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Imperial Assault: How to Tweak a Campaign to Make it Better

Last time we looked at campaign play for the board game Imperial Assault and Imperial class decks that keep campaigns fun. The conclusion was that some Imperial class cards are joy killers.  The sweet spot is a set-up where the Imperial and Rebel forces are balanced. In a perfect campaign every mission should reward good play and then ride on the last activation and die roll of the game.  We can tweak campaigns in subtle ways to make sure they play balanced and enjoyable.

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Roll Call: Escape, Pandemic: The Cure, Love Letter, Incan Gold, Mansions of Madness

Roll Call is a new series that’ll summarize the past week’s gaming exploits, and who was doing the exploiting. This week had two good gaming sessions in it. Players and viewers alike are welcome to add their thoughts to the comment section at the end of the Roll Call. Spoilers for games like Mansions of Madness are clearly marked.

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How to Build a Successful Games Club: High School and Youth Edition, Part 1

High School Chess and Games Club

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the “Games and Chess Club” at my school.  I started with 3 grade nine boys doing chess problems on an old board once a week and now have an average of 15 kids a session, two lunch hours a week with over 30 games: just about everything that’s appropriate for school consumption, from Avalon to Zombie Dice.  The majority remain boys but every game day we get students from grades 9 through 12 with a nice cadre of girls as well.  From the back 40 in a freeze-and-bake portable classroom on rickety tables to a classroom flooded with natural light, with round tables, and a bunch of solid rectangular desks you can form into any shape, we’ve come a long way.


In this first of a series we’ll look at how to get a youth oriented games club started, funded, and furnished.  Next up we’ll talk about how to grow your club numbers to include all grades and be inclusive for girls, what games work best in the games club format, some dos and don’ts, and where to spend your money once you move beyond the basic games.

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Imperial Assault: Class Decks that Keep Campaigns Fun

Imperial Assault Imperial Class Deck Starter Cards

In the board game Imperial Assault, Rebel heroes campaign together against the might of the Imperium. As a veteran of 7 full Imperial Assault Campaigns as both Imperial baddie and Rebel hero – 3 Core, 2 Hoth, 2 Twin Shadows, a couple of Bespin missions – I know the class deck chosen by the Imperial games master (GM) shapes half or more of how the game is played, and this influence is magnified as Agenda cards make the class deck more potent.

Like it or not the Imperial player is the most influential at the table and like many GMs I chose the class deck blindly my first couple of times through. As I progressed I began choosing much more carefully.  I think a GMs progression in awareness and focus is remarkably similar to that of a Team Leader or Classroom Teacher.  It looks something like this:

  1. Rookie: Self and Survival Oriented Please, please let me get through this session without anybody getting hurt, angry, or storming out of the room.  If someone did storm out you may not know why because you’re so busy trying to remember how things are supposed to work.  You read the manual multiple times but contact time is different, really different.   Oh, look at that, time’s up, gotta go.  Er, can we finish this later…?
  2. Intermediate:  Procedure Oriented OK, I got this.  Not much downtime consulting the manual and basic decisions are automatic.  Can provide a stream of challenges and, damn it, I know how to win!  People may not always leave happy but no mid-session “How much longer will this run do you think?” and people come back for the next session.  There might be a lot of clockwatching but sessions are predictable in length and offer a uniform experience.
  3. Veteran:  People and Outcome Oriented The choices I make two days in advance can drastically improve the future experience for everyone once things get started so that I can enjoy the moment along with my people.   I’m focussed on getting and then keeping everyone engaged, interested, and excited.  This, in turn, makes my job meaningful and enjoyable.  Sessions fly by and always seem to end early even if it’s late.  People hang around to talk after.  The Holy Grail of coop gaming.

The veteran GM knows players, win or lose, need enough positive reinforcement to make success feel attainable next time around.  Defeats should feel like learning experiences, not the precursor to the next failure.  It is a hobby about games after all.

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