Game On a New Continent!


Do you think maybe we should wallow in the sweet mud of self-satisfaction, rest on our laurels, and pause a moment to smell the Woodlands Scenics roses, or at least the drying top coat?

I mean we’re talking a 60+ model, late-war, 28mm German model army here: armour, transport, units, objective markers, roads, buildings both whole and destroyed, forests, crates, boxes, roads, a river, bridges, sheets of decals from across the globe, and that’s just my stuff.  The work of a year and a half, minimum.

Gaming buddy Seth – the British Paras to my Panzer Lehr in this pursuit – has invested just as much time and energy into recce jeeps and units upon units of tough as nails paras itching to get in the fight.


From Warlord to Perry to Rubicon to Woodland Scenics and Pegasus, a well filled space to fight over.

OK, topcoat’s dry.  Must be time for a new WWII army and theater!


It’s not the droids you should be looking for.  A small sample of the Panzer Lehr.

I’ll revisit the Panzer Lehr army in future posts but right now there’s an issue that’s been bugging me and it’ll take a new theater and army to fix it.  I mean I could create a campaign map for Normandy but it wouldn’t be finished for a month or two and by then the growing Perry Miniatures, Rubicon, and Warlord lead and plastic pile would be on the verge of toppling over and crushing someone, or at least scaring the dog.

If you’re a gamer then you’ll understand when I say…

…it’ll take a new theater and army to fix it!

Our sights are set on Africa and a Desert Afrika Korps army with Seth firmly convinced that an Indian 4th Infantry Division with some SAS and LRDG thrown is a good idea.

The quest is simple:  create a 3D WWII Africa campaign map to encompass the whole African theater, be worthy of wall space, and provide context to any and all game systems that mine the WWII desert sands for what it has to offer a gamer.

Stay tuned as future posts will walk you through the process as well as give representation to what is now a large and growing collection of decals, models, buildings, play mats, reference books, expansions, and rule sets.

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Game On a New Continent!

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